Care of patio furniture of different materials

Teak wood is also often used together with other materials. There are many home and patio furniture made of stainless steel or poly rattan, which have teak elements on armrests and seat. For each of these pieces of garden furniture, there are cleaning methods and means for material-specific cleaning and care.

1. Patio furniture made of metal

Metal garden furniture is mostly made of aluminum, stainless steel, coated iron or hot-dip galvanized steel. The metal surface is usually sealed. This is done either with paint, a colored powder coating, or clearcoat. This makes the garden furniture weatherproof and rustproof. You do not need much care. Here it is enough to simply rinse them with lukewarm water and a little soap if necessary. But please make sure to use only soft cleaning aids, so that no scratches occur. Also, the hinges are happy from time to time over a little silicone spray.

2. Garden furniture made of plastic

Garden furniture with plastic elements, however, requires a little more regular care. Especially the white plastic furniture, the UV rays strongly. Over time, they cause yellow plastic to turn yellow and grey and bleach colored vinyl. Also, too much sun makes plastic brittle over time, and it can break more easily. This type of garden furniture should, therefore, not be directly in the sun, and the plastic parts also cleaned more regularly.

In addition to special plastic cleaners, there are also some simple tips and tricks for cleaning plastic. You either add a dash of vinegar to your cleaning water, or you use a dirt eraser right away. Besides, you can rub the plastic parts to be cleaned with washing powder, baking powder, or toothpaste and rinse after a short reaction time with clear water.

For particularly stubborn dirt and discoloration, you may also use your high-pressure cleaner. But beware! Please do not get it with the wooden elements.

A mostly white melamine sponge is considered the panacea of plastic stains. Melamine consists of many interwoven particles. Moistening the sponge a little, the particles dissolve and rub on the surface. Stains such as felt-tip pens, grease, or traces of shoes are sanded away.

Poly rattan is a plastic mesh, which is ideal for outdoor use due to its high weather resistance. Extremely high or low temperatures do not matter to the material in any place. Because the individual fibers absorb no moisture, they are also quickly dry again after a rainstorm. Despite the remarkable durability, it is advisable to cover or store the furniture in the winter months with a protective cover. In this way, their life is extended, and they do not become brittle.