How to hold the golf club properly?

To handle the golf club properly, you will need to put much effort into it. At first, you will need to check the handle. If you can lift the racket without any effort, your racket is well in the left hand. If you can only hold the club with your index finger and the palm of your hand, it is probably right in your hand.

Hold the racket only with forefinger and palm. Since it is easier to swing with both hands on the noise, you now have to bring the right hand into the game. Guide the middle and ring fingers to the index finger of your left hand.

Golf clubs are attacking. Ring and middle finger to the index finger of the left hand. When closing the side, the two fingertips should be as close as possible to the left thumb. The two fingers almost touch the left thumb.

The right little finger you put over the left hand, so that it overlaps (Overlap handle). If you prefer a different grip (10-finger or interlock), that’s good too.

Check your response position

If you have grasped the bat correctly, you go into the response position. Your knees should be slightly angled, your upper body bent forward and your back – so your spine – as straight as possible.

It’s perfectly fine if your back is not perfectly straight at the top. In the free e-book ” Start Better in the Round, ” you will find a warm-up program with exercises that allow you, among other things, to stretch your chest muscles to straighten up and swing better.

There should be enough clearance between the handle end of your racket and your thighs to allow your fist to fit between them. The ball is in the middle, and your stand is shoulder width. To know the area of the golf ground, you can use a GPS device like a watch.