An outdoor playhouse is an excellent way for you to get your kids outside and off their butts. Kids these days spend way too much time on computers or playing their Nintendo or Xbox. If they have a reason to get outside and use their imaginations and have fun there, they most certainly will.

So, what you have to do is create this kind of excitement for your kids and plan a day where you can work together as a family and build a new outdoor playhouse. It won’t cost you too much and shouldn’t take more than a day to do. Here are a few steps to make this process a bit simpler.

The first thing you must do is find a spot in your yard where you are going to put the playhouse. Find a flat spot close to the house so you are able monitor your kids’ activities from inside. This will take a little stress off your shoulders when your kids are playing in the playhouse.

You aren’t going to need a huge elaborate outdoor playhouse for your kids to play in. All they need is something to play in and call their playhouse. Their imaginations will do the rest. This will help you save money knowing that you can buy just a general structure with four wall and a roof. This will also save a lot of time and energy in the building process. If you want professional help, you can also do that getting different playhouse equipment from

Make sure to include your kids in the building process as well. They will certainly appreciate the playhouse much more if they feel like they were involved in the completion of the project. The materials you will need will depend upon what kind of outdoor playhouse you are going to build. You can buy a blueprint for a simple wooden structure that will be easy to put together and safe for your children.

You probably won’t need much more than a saw and hammer and nails for this simple project. You can order the plans online, create them yourself, or have someone you know who knows what they are doing create them for you. The wood can be purchased at your local lumber store. Make sure you tell them what the project is for so they can help you make the right selections.

From there it is all about putting the plan to action. Once the outdoor playhouse is complete, your children will have a nice little home away from home that they can enjoy. This is going to allow you some much needed time alone as well. The kids will be occupied for hours in their new little abode.


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