Ultra-lightweight golf bags are made for golfers who choose to walk the golf course instead of using a cart. When buying an ultra-lightweight golf bag, there are five components to look for: weight, single or double carrying straps, is it easy to put on/take off, pockets/storage space, and added comfort is all things to consider.

Toting a golf bag around the course can be backbreaking, especially by the tenth or eleventh hole. A heavy golf bag not only puts a strain on the upper back and shoulders but on the golfer’s game as well. Ultra-lightweight golf bags should be from 3.5 to 6.5 pounds max to reduce stress and golfer fatigue.

Golf bags with comfortable carrying straps make all the difference. If the bag is uncomfortable to carry around the store, it’s not going to get any better on the course, so put it back and try another. A golf bag with a single strap is best for the casual golfer who isn’t carrying around a lot of weight.

Golfers looking for more comfort in an ultra-lightweight golf bag should choose a bag with double straps. Double straps evenly spread the importance of the bag over the back, reducing cramps and sore back muscles, which can put a damper on the golfer’s game.

Struggling to carry or put on a golf bag is not only embarrassing, but it also adds extra stress to the golfer slowing them down and affecting their game. Whether buying a bag with single or double straps, always go for one that is adjustable. This customizes the fit of the bag to each individual golfer and can make putting on the bag and taking it off much easier. Golf bags like these with single straps are easier to put on and take off than those with double straps. Before buying golf bag, test out several in the store to find out what works best for you.

Pockets and storage space in an ultra-lightweight bag are essential features to consider. The more pockets, the more storage space you have, and the more storage space, the heavier the bag. Decide which is more important when buying a bag, storage space, or weight. For golfers who cannot decide to find something in the middle and go for a bag with one or two fewer pockets.

Comfort is key in all golf bags, not just the ultra-lightweight ones. Buy a bag with thick padded straps and built-in hip pads. Straps that wrap completely around the bag last longer. The last thing a golfer need is for their bag to break while walking the course.


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