Recommended Readings On All Types Of Arthritis

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Sometimes reading good books in silence helps in gaining knowledge and utilizing that knowledge in real life. Sometimes when we search for something like “osteoarthritis specialist” we get way too many results to pick someone best to help us treat this type of musculoskeletal problem.

Sometimes it is essential to learn to live or cope with the long-term pain of arthritis to prevent the side effects of medications from taking over. There are effective ways to maintain your health while keeping your arthritis in check, and this is only possible through the advice of the best specialist. What if the search engine does not contain such advice? Then it is recommended to read some good books to help you handle your arthritis, and it is time to check some of the recommended books in helping you with arthritis pain.

osteoarthritis specialist

Recommended Books On All Types Of Arthritis:

Knowledge is power, as the books added below have been highly recommended by readers who go through this pain daily. It is easy to handle arthritis through physiotherapy alongside some mental strength. Some of the recommended textbooks on arthritis management include the following:

Your Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis—Lene Anderson

It contains essential elements on how to live healthily while keeping a chronic disease like arthritis in check. The author herself suffers from this condition and therefore has first hand experience with how it feels to suffer from arthritis, the medications, physiotherapy, etc. She included the best treatment options and side effect management from medicine, pain management, etc. She poured all her experience with little knowledge and humor combined.

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis- Tamml L. Shlotzhauher And James L. McGuire

The authors of this recommended book not only provide information for the patients but they are also helping their family members up to date regarding new treatment options. They elaborately discussed the condition, including the symptoms and pains, how pain management can be effective, alongside the science behind this chronic disease.

Full Catastrophe Living- John Kabat-Zinn

Arthritis does not give you physical pain; the mental stress it provides is much more painful than those physical problems. The tension if the disease is curable or not and the expenses, energy, and time wasted on the treatments turn the world of the patients and their family upside down. This book focuses on the mental health management of arthritis patients. It includes helpful yoga, meditation techniques, ways to develop positive relationships among friends and families, etc. The message of this book is to stay positive as it will cure arthritis pain halfway through.


Reading good medical books will always help you stay updated regarding new medical inventions and help you remain optimistic about life. Arthritis primarily affects people with their weapon of pain, and these books act as shields to prevent those pain from affecting the victim’s life. Read more about most recommended books for home renovation.

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