New Varicose Vein Treatment


Radio Frequency Ablation (RF-A) is the most recent Varicose Vein Treatment Option currently available for the treatment of Varicose Veins, and as such, there are a number of benefits associated with this treatment and as such, more patients than ever are now able to choose to undergo this procedure. The most important benefit associated with this procedure is that it is not only non-invasive but minimally invasive as well.

Historically, Vein Collapse Treatment options include Radio Frequency Ablation (RF-A) is a vein collapsing treatment where heat energy is applied to the diseased vein which is causing the Varicose Veins. This procedure has been found to be effective in helping to shrink the size of the Veins and to remove them completely. As a result, the size and number of Varicose Veins has also been reduced. In addition, as a result of the reduction in the size of the Veins, less bruising and swelling occurs.

This new procedure is being chosen by more patients than ever before simply because it is now considered to be a minimally invasive procedure. Unlike many other treatments, this new procedure is being recommended to patients who have either had to undergo an operation, had blood taken or had invasive surgery. Many patients are choosing new treatments for spider veins as a way to avoid invasive surgery in order to eliminate the need for additional surgery and healing time.

Although this new procedure is generally deemed to be less invasive than some other procedures, there are still risks associated with it. For example, if an electric current is run through the area that has to be treated it can damage tissue and result in damage. Patients should therefore discuss the possibility of the electrical current being used on their treatment with their doctor before they decide to have this procedure done on their body.

Another great benefit associated with this new procedure is that it is not only non-invasive but it is also non-invasive for the body. The only thing that you will notice during your treatment with this treatment is that you will feel a small amount of discomfort, which will usually last from a few minutes to an hour or so. However, if you suffer from any pain during your treatment you should consult your doctor right away to make sure that the pain is not a sign of any other problem that could be causing it.

In summary, this new Varicose Vein Treatment is one that is being offered to more patients each year simply because it is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure and as such, patients are able to get the results that they are looking for as soon as possible. As such, it can save patients a lot of money in the long run.


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